Fashion Fabrics

Print Unlimited is a digital textile printing company that caters to the fashion and entertainment industry. On customer-demand, we print on fabrics. We offer over 130 different fabrics to print on.

Choose in our extensive fabric collection from a wide collection of Cotton fabrics, Linen fabrics, Polyamide fabrics, Polyester fabrics, Rayon fabrics, Silk fabrics and Wool fabrics. Go to our webshop, upload your designs to print, select a fabric, and receive your own designs printed on textile!

When you look for fashion fabrics you can certainly take a look at our online collection, which includes over 40 different Cotton fabrics, suitable for pretty much everything from t-shirts and dresses to durable skirts and pants. Or go for printed Linen fabric, perfect for a nice jacket or airy shirt. Use a Polyamide fabric when you want to create stretchy dancewear or colourful swimwear.

When you want a great, durable and often cheaper option than natural materials choose a Polyester fabric. Furthermore, we have the most beautiful and versatile Rayon fabrics often used for dresses and shirts.

We are most proud of our Silk fabric, in over 20 different structures, weights and widths, guaranteed you can make your printed designs shine on one of these fabrics. We also have had one gorgeous velvet Silk Rayon fabric in our collection for years now. We are also delighted to inform you of our Wool fabric, suitable for both winter and summer wear.