Costume Fabric/ Theater fabric

Whether you are representing a museum, theatre or moviemaker, it is always hard to find that special theater fabric that will pop out on stage. When you want to print your own costume fabric, our online fabric collection offers you a wide range of Cotton fabrics, Linen fabrics, Polyamide fabrics, Polyester fabrics, Rayon fabrics, Silk fabrics and Wool fabrics.

We have several very durable and stretchy polyamide fabrics for dancewear, ballet outfits, and other clothing items that are worn close on the body. Not only are our theatre fabrics suitable for people who move a lot, the designs printed on the fabric always look vibrant and add another dimension to the character.

Whether you are looking for that perfect costume fabric for a big dress, tight and bright bodysuit or even something as simple as a tie or bow, we offer all kinds of fabrics in our online fabric collection. With the extensive collection of fabrics you can print on, we hope to offer you unlimited possibilities when you look for that perfect theatre fabric.

You decide on the colors, the prints (designs) and the fabrics you want to print on! Testprints are possible to select the perfect costume fabric or theatre fabric for you application and your printed designs.