(Un)veiling Identity

My collection is inspired by the notion of identity. As it is a very broad subject, I approached the notion through different ways. I started with the identity of the person, for example through the x-ray, the skin, the fingerprints or the transparency. But also the identification of the garment itself, what defines and typifies it, through its codes or its composition/care label. This also implied the possibility to escape from identity, to hide it, to reproduce it or to make it, as a mirror, reflecting the different environments in which the woman evolves, and even make it completely non-existent. Those different inspirations generated the shapes, the materials and the colors of my collection. They were evolving from transparency, changing material, mirrors, leather that reminds of the skin, fabric printed with care labels…

Margaux Bolle
Stoffen gebruikt
Polyamide Aqua
Zijde Organza 5,5 m/m