The Architecture of Prints

Fun to prepare, ready to wear. Follow the chosen line, cut - fold - wear. Being fascinated by the transformation of 2D forms into 3D shapes, Marly van Lipzig mapped this collection of fashion prints. The pattern is part of the print and the print is part of the pattern; they become one in this collection. The collection of functional prints show industrial, constructive, almost masculine graphics digitally printed on fabric. Each print is built up by photographs and has a blue print (patterns) for two, sometimes three different garments to choose from. This results in the fact that from the same print, different garments can be made. What you cut is what you get and the fabric doesn’t need to be sewed. Just a few points need to be connected (by buttons – attached by hand) and the garment is ready to wear. No need for finished garments, the graphics on the flat piece of fabric, hot off the press, guides you. The print is presented as a Do-It-Yourself-kit, everything you need comes with the packaging; the print (on fabric), a scissor, a needle and threat and a few buttons. Follow the chosen line, cut - fold - wear. The concept of the print collection is visualised by film that can be found on the Print Unlimited newspage.

Marly van Lipzig
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