We live in a system where, also in this time, there seems to be one direction. One path straightforward. Settle down, become a parent, responsibilities, be superfast and stick to the rules. It’s medicating people into normalcy. The arise of the profound need to jump out of this order. The search to this evasion brings doubt. A friction starts in which the sense of functionality is there, but also the deep need to break out. This collection is about the group who has the contemplative, critical eye on society. The group that questions the pre-constructed path. The ones with new ideas. The ones that think. This collection contains coats and jackets with displaced shoulderparts. Fragmentation of different pattern pieces, layers and fabrics. Tight, constructed pieces, padded parts which are sometimes topstitched. Handmade braids from leather straps, embroidered raffia and a print with in stained glass caged angry birds. Sharp, bright colours like intense red and hard purple together with a mystic black. Lots of different fabrics used in one garment like raffia, felted wool, lace, oilcloth, linen and leather.

Anne van den Boogaard
Stoffen gebruikt