POLYGON - Sign of Life

The word polygon originates from the Ancient Greek word polygon, and comes from the field of geometry and planimetry. The collection shows how the modern human with his rough edges can today individually approach perfection. The more perfect a person may seem, the more rough edges he has. The collection is oriented to the mega trends New learning/Education, Individuality and Connectivity and is inspired by the world of polymer molecules and their shapes. The basic shapes for the collection are slender H, A, Y and arrow silhouettes, where contours and lines strongly vary. The concept of the collection is to re-interpret laboratory coats in particular using innovative material manipulation and avant-garde designs. Hand-made smoking, partial or full-surface design prints hand high-quality material mixes made of pure new wool, silk, cotton, viscose-elastane and neoprene add individuality to each and every garment of the collection. www.sonchu.com

Son Chu
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Katoen Liverpool
Zijde Satin Heavy 40 m/m