Eyes. Wide. Shut.

Eyes. Wide. Shut. collection by Tisja Damen www.tisjadamen.com info@tisjadamen.com \' Those who danced were thought to be insane, by those who could not hear the music \'\' Friederich Nietsche Inspired by the German dance performer and choreographer Pina Bausch and the ceremonial elements of the movie \'Eyes Wide Shut\' by Stanley Kubrick 1999. Handcrafted lingerie of patchwork old Italian lace and draped silhouettes Photographer, the amazing Sophie van der Perre Location in t\' Huis van Marseille, Amsterdams first photo-museum Models: Marielle Rijpma, Sarah Wissink, Christa Brouwer and Merlinna Koerts

Tisja Damen
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