Cut-são paulo a city without advertisement

The topic of my final thesis “CUT-SÃO PAULO A CITY WITHOUT ADVERTISEMENT” refers to the “Clean City Law” that was adopted in Sao Paulo in 2007. This law prohibits all advertisement in public spaces. How does it feel? What consequences arise from it? What does that look like? What is left behind? Imagine the Times Square without colorful lights, without flickering, without the vibrant impressions and without the flood of images.

My first thought was, when all the colors and flashy things are gone then all that is left, is grey. But if you take a closer look, there are many colors left behind: rust, oxidation, mosses, the reflection of the sky. An aesthetic, previously invisible, is laid open. The empty billboards, the traces of unscrewed banners are fair and beautiful. I created a print that represents the vibrant impressions and the flood of images. What is left behind, the grey aspect, is represented by the grey pieces in the collection. You can look at these on my homepage. The print is printed on the CO Satin Deco.


Birte Weiner
Stoffen gebruikt
Katoen Satin Deco