Apply Focus, Graduation Collection 2014

One of the key characteristics of society today is the overload of stimuli, which have grown excessively during the last decade. Nowadays, people are surrounded by computers, telephones, televisions and advertisements. Whereas these stimuli are important for the development in and function of the society, the overload seems to cause a problem with digesting and processing each of these stimuli. The collection “Apply Focus” is intended to transmit a limited stimulus for both the public as the individual wearing the collection. I’ve chosen to use only a restricted amount of stimuli in each piece, resulting in a controlled stimulus, a focus. Focus points are created by the combination of lines in the fabric and special pattern- and sewing techniques. Additionally, areas of coloured fabric are placed on the entire silhouette, which become visible when in motion. This collection is my answer to the unorganized and hectic society we’re living in right now. “The power of the controlled stimulus”

Rosa Immers
Stoffen gebruikt
Katoen Satin Deco

Zijde Crepe Georgette 16 m/m