In order to identify with like-minded people, you have to fight for what you believe. The flag is an important characteristic; a symbol. As a people, you can use a flag to make your voice heard, and I use this in my designs. Over the flag, I\'ve placed an extra layer of luxury fabrics and prints, to add my own twist and to make my designs more personal. I\'d like people to empathise with my collection and be able to identify with the pride that a flag can engender in a nation. My last collection was based on the struggle for independence of the Catalan people. I have translated this into \"Victoy\", shown in the prints as pennants and using the colours red and yellow extensively (the colours of the catalan flag.)

Daniek van Doorn
Stoffen gebruikt
Katoen Light Jeans
Zijde Crepe de Chine 14 m/m