The voile is a thin, open and transparent fabric in plain weave, fine, highly twisted yarn (yarn voile). It is a dressy fabric that is very lightweight and does not scratch the skin.  The fabric has a somewhat hard grip. The term comes from French, and means veil, and the well-draping fabric can be, and has been, used to make wedding veils.  Silk, rayon and cotton are the three main varieties, but lace fabric also exists. Voile is typically used for elegant curtains and drapes, in the interior market for soft furnishing. Voile fabric is also used in dress-making, either in multiple layers or laid over a second material, and is also popular as a ‘volumizer’ underneath other fabrics, as it drapes well and has excellent breathability. Voile can also be used in summer attire, from breezy skirts and blouses to sun dresses. Voile is very similar to chiffon, which is also used in dress-making