Corduroy, also known as Rib velvet or Ribcord, is a woven fabric. The substance has been around much longer but was previously named Manchester and was used primarily for workman clothing. Corduroy or Ribcord fabric is considered a durable cloth. In the seventies, the name was changed from marketing considerations in corduroy and the substance was used in fashionable pants and jackets. The fabric has soft ridges in the longitudinal direction with a whiff. The finer implementation of this substance is called tinneroy or baby-rib. Tinneroy is so flexible that it can even be used for blouses and children clothing. Originally made of cotton, the fibers of the fabric are normally twisted as they are woven. Today, corduroy can still be made from cotton or any number of other fabricated fibers including polyester, rayon and acrylic. This fabric usually has very narrow spaces, known as channels, that run between the cords, baring the base fabric; but the thickness of the cords provides for a generally warm material.