Originally a lightweight silk fabric, organza is a plain weave that is created using nylon, polyester, and silk or a blend of any of the three The loose weave of the filaments allows the production to result in sections of cloth that are translucent in nature. A slightly looser variation on the weave will result in sheer looking fabric.  Before the silk is woven, the glue substance is first boiled out of the silk. As a result, the weight of the silk decreases substantially. To counteract this effect, the silk is sometimes aggravated. This silk, also called organza silk, feels much harder. As a sheer fabric that provides a look and feel that is similar to silk, many forms are actually made with silk filaments. Many modern organzas are woven with synthetic filament fibers such as polyester or nylon.  Silk organza fabric is a uniquely sheer, lightweight and crisp silk which lends itself well to fashioning delightfully puffy sleeves or resplendent frontal pieces on bridal or other fine formal dresses.  Organza is therefore popular to use for bridal- and eveningwear. In the interiors market it is used for effects in bedrooms and between rooms, for example as sheer curtains.