white garden

The collection ist inspired by strong and clear steel sculptures, created by the german artist Axel Anklam and fluid and organic flowerstillifes created by the dutch artist Margrit Smulders. It shows that a woman can be strong, modern and romantic at the same time! It gets bright and I close my eyes and I see white. It is warm and cool, strong and soft, stiff and flexible. I smell flowers grazing my skin and beneath a hint of stainless steel. there are two hearts, totally different, facing each other, dancing together in the sunlight and becoming one. I open my eyes and out of the light steel sculptures and flower stillifes appear. And so I\'m witness of Axel Anklam and Margriet Smulders meeting and creating a union.

Marieke Heinrich
Fabrics used
Cotton Light Jeans
Polyamide Aqua