The basic idea of the collection is to interpret the style of ancient greek sculptures and garments and to translate this interpretation into a modern design. It‘s an experimentation with shapes, silhouettes, draping and a variety of fabric while keeping in mind the wearability.

Trompe - l‘œil, the art of illusionary painting, after which the collection is named, is used as an inspiration and also as a stylistic device. It translates the inspiration by print, transparency and imitating a three dimensional appearance. By use of digital fabric printing as a modern solution, the drapery - in contrast to it‘s natural way of motion - is frozen in static and thereby transformed into an asthetic ornament. The print works as the thread of the collection and acts as the abstraction of the theme. Gray and white revives the ancient stone statues and symbolizes female strength, old rose and transparent silk allegorize feminity and fragility. To emphasize the effect of static and motion, opposed materials like leather and silk jersey are combined. The combination of dim and shiny material conveys both, elegance and a down to earth style. Womens complexity of character is symbolized by the double layering of the garments and repeats the Trompe - l‘œil theme. Futuristic accessories made from plexiglass serve to underline the draping in a playful manner the pleated material appears hard and flexible in the same time.

Lena Hasibether
Fabrics used
Cotton Popeline
Rayon Jersey
Silk Crepe de Chine 14 m/m