Found Footage

The theme of my graduation collection was was born from my fascination of the beauty of typically \'worthless\' material. Market bags, cloths, toilet papier, bottle caps and clips, it is within these products where I see the beauty, an aesthetic quality that typically little is noted. The beautiful details, interesting shapes, engaging material properties and technical capabilities, I used to design my fashion accessories. This collection consists of bags, jewelry and scarves. I want to show in my designs that \"worthless\" can also be \"valuable\". This yields a new and interesting image.  My method is a reflection of my passion for collecting. I collect all sorts of little things in my immediate surroundings and make numerous tests where I gradually discover the application. Materials are upgraded and made useful as a visual and constructive element.  It is important to me that the story behind the product comes through and will create a sense of the aesthetics of so called \'worthless material\' by the viewer. That special attention is paid to the small and mundane. With this I want to surprise and amaze. Photography: Arash Fakhim Styling: Mark Stadman Model: Dayo Scholing

Moyca Gort
Fabrics used
Silk Habotai 10 m/m