a SUPER drunk HERO

This collection is based on the idea of a super hero’s daily-life. As a super woman’s job, the main character spends her time saving people. Sometimes, tired of her life, she tries to hide her super identity behind the attire of a normal woman. She wears classical clothes on top of her super outfits that go from grey wool coats to trenchcoats and basic working clothes. Her daily-life is not as clean and perfect as people would imagine... She prefers to stay in her little dirty house and relax. Her favourite hobby is laying around in front of the TV, with drinks and cigarettes as her companions. She sometimes drinks too much and starts imagining herself with crazy powers. Her cigarettes and her beers suddenly become her weapons, one throwing huge flames and the other splashing around. The collection brings a contrast between classical women garments and references to super heroes and comic books, giving an elegant and playfull feeling to the collection.

Anissa Aouar
Fabrics used

Silk Organza 5,5 m/m