'The Source' inspired by Mondriaan

What was your inspiration?

The Style, the world-famous Dutch art movement, was founded 100 years ago. For The Hague Art Circle, we wanted to organize an exhibition with The Style as the centerpiece. Especialy for the exhibition, I made the work 'The Source'. I inspired me by the flowers of Piet Mondriaan that he painted between 1900 - 1912. I made a photo in my studio of a large light blue Hydrangea and combined this with one of te earliest abstract works of Mondriaan where I saw a flower shape. I would like to work with prints on textiles. I love dust! By choosing a super-transparent fabric (where I received a good advice from Print Unlimited), my concept came true.

More info and photos: http://www.jaxpix.nl/exposities_34.html

What can we expect in the future?

I will definitely cotinue to work on fabrics. At the moment, I'm experimenting with work that can also be shown outside and with photo fabric operations.

Designer: Jacqueline Louter-Hoos

Project: The Source

Photographer: Jacqueline Louter-Hoos

Website: http://www.jaxpix.nl