Silk – From its origins in China and once considered a reserve of Kings and Empresses to its wider manufacture in India, the Middle East, Europe and North America, Silk is a smooth non slippery and softly textured fiber that, when woven into a garment or item, brings elegance and beauty to every occasion. Rayon – A man-made semi-synthetic fiber, (commonly known as viscose), made from naturally occurring polymers rayon fabrics are smooth, soft, cool, comfortable and highly absorbent and can be used to produce garments and items that are silk like in appearance.
Silks and rayon are used in making comfortable and strong clothing that dyes to very rich colors, however it [the dye] can itself become a cause of much consternation when the adhesion of the dye is broken through friction, water, toiletries, alcohol, dry cleaning solvents, oxygen, strong lights and certain gasses especially if special care is not given to the garment at the manufacturing stage or by the user or cleaner.