Home Textile

Interior designers who look to print their own designs on the most perfect cushion fabric, curtain fabric, tablecloth fabric or lampshade fabric have come to the right digital printing company. For your printed home textile, you can select from our extensive collection of interior fabrics. You can also upload your designs to be printed in our webshop and then select a fabric to print on.

When you are looking for that perfect cushion fabric to print your own designs on, you can select cushions’ in the search menu of our fabric collection. The online fabric collection will then show the suitable fabrics for cushions you can print on.  

Do you wish to find a suitable tablecloth fabric? You can uses this same menu in the online fabric collection. Online you can see suitable tablecloth fabrics in several price ranges. Select one of our cotton fabrics, for example the Co Popeline, often used as a tablecloth fabric. This same fabric is also suitable when you wish to make cushions for your bed linen. Another lovely fabric to sleep on or under is our Co Satin Fine or one of our luxurious printed silks.

When you have your own printed tablecloth, you can also go for matching printed curtains. We have several suitable curtain fabrics. Choose one of our polyester fabrics for both sheer and non-transparent durable printed curtains.

Overall, Print unlimited has Interior fabrics suitable for all your interior applications, even wallpaper! Print on interior fabrics to get your own personalized home textile!