SS12 Graduation Collection

For my graduation collection, I took a very personal source of inspiration, the bicycle culture. As I have been a cycling enthusiast for many years, nowadays the whole cycling culture is expanding at an incredible pace, and is becoming more then just a subculture. It is also about freedom, about speed, about being in total control and in perfect sync with the motion. Which is a good metaphor for the hectic everyday life, breaking free from the ordinary and just ride, and decide your own pace.

This resulted in a merger of more traditional tailoring, as used in the early days of cycling, with the high-tech record-braking cycling wear of today and tomorrow. Slick, streamlined, tapered shapes, in bold colours and strong graphic prints make up the core of this collection. The prints are based on a perception of speed, as a moving object captured in a single frame, abstracted to a gradient, built into a variety of dazzling designs.

Photo's by: Peter Stigter

Marius Op 't Eynde
Stoffe verwendet
Polyamid Malaga Mat