TRANSFORMAMA - Collection 2011

Transformama shows an image of “a transformating housewife”, based on old pictures of my mother. I had in mind a “street couture” image, a clash of estehetics of my mother and more “streetwear inspired” personal element, a combination of innovation and nostalgia. Contrast layering, like when you pause a movie, where two following images overlay and freeze. This results in 6* silhouettes that are multiple-layered, true to a more ethnical way of constructing a total-look. The importance of details, accessories, jewels and headgear in every richly embellished look was inspired by ancient indian kathakali dancers, who transform true the proces of clothing into “superhumans”. The bold combination of materials, self-developped prints and handwork elements (knit/crochet/cross stitch embroiderie) completes this concept. Victor Vasarely’s highly graphical work formed an endless inspiration for the knitwear and incrustated fabric structures that i developped. In contrast of that Japanese tattoo-art seemed a total opposite form of transformation, as modification of the self, the skin... All this results in a hand-painted digital print where Vasarely, tattoo art and the face of my mother blend in together. Transformama wears a look that “GROWS” on her.

Tom Van der Borght
Stoffe verwendet