I am the shape.

I believe in the cube, the sphere and the cone. In my opinion these forms slowly disappear by designing fashion. The world of fashion constantly changes due to the simple consciousness of time. This means that designers are trying to find the non-existing design. In other words design will have a great symbolic approach these days. I would like to decrease this symbolic approach, and continue focusing on the base of fashion: The Form. This ‘base’ is one of the important things by the German choreographer Oskar Schlemmer. Oskar Schlemmer comes from the art movement of the Bauhaus. The three basic forms of the cube, sphere and cone have inspired the Bauhaus. I used this modernist principle in my graduation collection and while collection was processing, I continued to create a stronger believe in the “base” of the form. Designers in general, use the three basic forms (the cube, sphere and cone) to create a new form. The forms evolve by designers, adding more symbolism. The basic forms fade into the background. In this collection I relate the human body into an abstract phenomenon in a strange mix of 2D and 3D. The fabric design reinforces this phenomenon and the anonymity of the human body. I tried to find a balance between portability and an autonomous powerful image.

Charlotte Kiekebos
Stoffe verwendet