C O A L M I N E C A N A R Y hovers on the subject of current global environmental decline with an optimistic attitude towards its eventual destruction followed by a regeneration. Inspired by the preservation of energy inherent in the act of gleaning, merged with the transforming migratory patterns of birds in relation to their mutating environment, I hope to reflect current trends of environmental awareness and sensitivity. Springing from this marriage carrot tree creepers, ginger humming birds and radish warblers fly in confused migration patterns on double wedding ring quilts. Through quilted colours I mimicked the vision of a Spring Harvest and used cuts like the Inuit amouti, a garment developed over time as a reaction to the harsh northern cold it has to sustain. Function and purpose ground the garments, tree planting jeans, wide pockets, heavy wools and sac hoods to round up a gleaners bounty are juxtaposed with fragile hand stitching, quillwork, and delicately placed smocking. The choice of materials in the collection is gathered in the tension between protection and vulnerability. By appropriating the protective roles of birch bark to a tree, prickly quills to a porcupine and antlers to caribou I was able to imbue the collection with a tangible protective skin. In contrast sheer layers of silk are smocked tightly and then peeled open (like a lettuce), both exposing and concealing the fragility of a female.

Tabitha Olser
Stoffe verwendet
Seide Crepe de Chine 14 m/m