Geometric Chemistry

Geometric Chemistry is a graduation print collection for the International Design course of AMFI. Geometric Chemistry: The world around us gets busier. Every day our senses are working on their highest mode and our brain is constantly busy processing these observations This collection is based on the fact that people nowadays need more brain tickling in order to experience something being interesting. A normal 2d image is not enough anymore to interest the human mind. We need more action and excitement to become amazed by a ‘thing’. Metropolis, the 1927\'s movie by Fritz Lang, was used as a source of inspiration. He was a pioneer in working with moving graphics images in order to trigger the imagination of the viewers mind. In The film Lang tries to represents a futuristic city, called \'metropolis\'. Even though the film is more than 80 years old, still his graphics resonate with our contemporary minds. The way in which he used layers of moving images was a great inspiration for this print collection. The collection is called \'Geometric Chemistry\'. \'Geometric\" because the collection focuses on geometric forms and graphic lines. \'Chemistry\' stands for the interaction between these forms and lines. The use of transparency in fabrics and layering prints result in a mesmerizing depth that tickles the brain and eye. For this collection I used a light-weight Rayon Jersey and a ‘cotton/Rayon Liverpool’, a tightly woven fabric with a satin twill, common used for suits. This last one gives a polished and more formal feel to the prints. Then to add transparency I used a Silk Chiffon and the Cotton Batist.

Anouk van der Laan
Stoffe verwendet

Baumwolle Liverpool
Seide Chiffon 6,5 m/m