How to get a design

We can work with either digital data, a slide, a photo, photo-negative or original artwork. You can also deliver your print design, painting, drawing or 3D object and we will digitize it for you. The cheapest and quickest way is to deliver your design digitally and if necessary in repeat.

Digitally via Direct Sales
preferably in real size with a resolution of 180 DPI
File formaat:
preferably Tiff-Lab, Tiff-RGB or PhotoShop.

Available drivers:
CD, DVD, E-mail or FTP.

This is how it works:
1. Request an FTP account through our website after you've decided to place an order.
2. We will send you an e-mail mentioning your user name and password.
3. You then log in on our website. 
4. You start the upload.
5. You e-mail the details of your order to us and refer to the FTP-file.

Often it does not work to e-mail large files and saving information on a CD takes a lot of time and moreover the shipment is expensive. You can request an FTP-account with us for free. By means of an FTP-program you can send us your designs rapidly and in every format.

Digitally via our Webshop
1. Go to our webshop to upload your design
2. Upload your design (Real life size in 180DPI and RGB color mode)
3. Choose the fabric you like to print on
4. Fill in the amount of meters and if you would like to have pieces or a pattern
5. Put your order in 24/7


How to prepare files

Color Settings Photoshop

Assigning a color profile in Photoshop

Check repeat in Photoshop