Sportswear of recycled PET bottles

What was your inspiration for the prints?

Shura Glasmacher designs contemporary dance-, sports-, and yoga wear and is also a professional dancer herself. Consciousness is key for Shura, and therefore all items are qualified as slow fashion. Slow fashion is designed with love and dedication, and an eye for skill and detail. On a production level, this means that all clothing is produced on demand only, and therefore production never exceeds demand. This way, Shura wishes to raise conscious awareness and hopes to stimulate conscious decision making. This idea starts with the production process. Instead of buying fabrics at the wholesale, Shura asked local pattern designer Joos to design unique prints for her new collection. By choosing a unique print you can take this to another level and really convey the idea, be an inspiration for others and let people see at a glance that this is something unique. José Kranen is the designer behind JOOS prints and patterns.The earth as seen from space was the biggest inspiration for these prints. There is something called ‘the overview effect’, this is the feeling astronauts get when they see planet Earth from space, they suddenly realize how tiny we all are and that we have to take care of our beautiful planet. The prints designed for Shura come from the beautiful patterns our planet creates.

How do you get to the final design?

By looking at the clothing designs Shura has in her collection we decide how the print has to be placed and which colors are the best. By ordering a testprint we can see the colors working with the materials. With that Shura goes to work with the fabric and how it fits on her designs. We want to make everyone feel and look good. For example you can see with our mountains print, on the t-shirt the blown up version of the original print is used while the legging holds the smaller and so more outspoken version. Our marble print on the other hand fits good on both in it’s original size.

What can we expect from you in the future?

More creativity and hopefully raise awareness. Make sportswear sportsfashion. By wearing these clothes you stand for a better and cleaner planet.

Name of the designer
Shura Glasmacher / fashion design
José Kranen / print design

Name of the project
Shura with JOOS prints and patterns

Bob Karman

Esther Kasenda