Digital printing and traditional painting

What was your inspiation for the designs?

I was painting two portraits. They where two people who lived in 1384 and their names were beaten on a coin stuck. After long searching and using a professor, I have come to two pictures, originals from the royal library of Brussels. The two portraits were Johanna van Brabant and Filips de Stoute. By printing these potraits on Print Unlimited abric, there would be a basis for paintig further. I stretched the printed fabric on spikes. Combining today's digital printing technology with the tradiional painting, I linked the past to the present, viewed from the art. This connection inspired me and has been consistentl implemented throughout the assignment.

How do you get to the final design?

The historical figures Johanna van Brabant and Filips de Stoute are not often found on the internet. From Johnanna I found three pictures, but the quality was poor. So I had to find these pictures in an original version as possible. Because I would increase these images and print on canvas. I found a polyester cloth that I can paint very nicely.

What can we expect in the future?

The combination of a preprinted canvas, with a design of the first inspiration and sketches, is a very . nice way to use contemporary and traditional painting. Therefore, in the forthcoming assingments, I need Print Unlimited to print even more.

Designer: Claudia Volders

Project: Camille Oostwegel, st. Gerlach-Paviljoen. De kunstwand van de Johanna van Brabant Salon

Photographer: Claudia Volders en uit het archief van de Koninklijke bibliotheek van Brussel