Antoine Peters x Forbo

Forbo is known for its linoleum floors but to a lesser extent of Flotex, a combination of carpet (soft feel) and a hard floor (easy to clean, durable and very hygienic). To change this, Forbo coƶperated with designer Antoine Peters.

Antoine Peters designed for Forbo's Flotex the arrow. At first glance an abstract design, like white-noise that you see on a TV screen. However, when looking closer, there is the surprise that the artwork appears to be created out of thousands of little arrows. Arrows pointing to somewhere. Antoine hopes that the person thereby will become aware again of the space where that person is standing in. “A floor is not just about where we stand, but perhaps even more about movement and going on adventures. We move through a space, go to a different place or maybe with our minds we are somewhere else because of being online.
My design for Forbo comments on this.” Antoine also designed a floor-dress. The dress seems to connect seamlessly to the floor and made out of the same material. 

According to Antoine fashion has the power to affect your mind, body and even your surroundings. In his opinion, fashion does not have to be comfortable or wearable to obtain its powers. It extends to beyond the body. The space around the garments is just as important as the clothes themselves. In Antoine’s designs space, clothing and architecture often flow together. To create the connection between the floor and the dress, Antoine printed the arrow design on the fabric RY Osaka