AK XXVIII by Louise de Gier

Inspired by icons, mothers & distinctive women


How did you start with your brand AK XXVIII? 

In May of 2014, I was searching for a Grafic designer that could design a logo for me. Through the graphic design department at the Art Academy Artez, I came into contact with Chantal Hendriksen. 

One thing I new for sure when I started with AK XXVIII. There would be an silk scarf in my collection with and old black & white picture of my mother. Then I choose a grid of dots and wanted some recurring items; Icon (my mother this time), flowers, animal, logo and text. Chantal has combined this with graphic elements. 

AK are the first letters of my mother's first and last name. Chantal has returned to 1928 for the design, the birth year of my mother. That's why we now use the Gil/Sans on the website. This font came to the market in that year. Therefore the first line became a dotted line. Next collections could be stripes and patterns.

Was it always your dream to enter fashion?

I have always had a passion for making something. Something that stays and what you are looking forward to. For years, I have read and gathered information in the field of fashion, international & national newspapers and magazines, and watched what would work on the internet and in stores. I've been thinking about it for a long time and decided at one point to just go ahead with it and continue.

"We will launch our first collection 'Dots' on Mothersday"

What do you find the most important in your   collection ‘Dots’?

The most important is that the scarf will be a   beautifull, sustainable product but it's also an ode to the strong woman.The combination of the story and the product is really strong. This resulted in a brand with a story and the product is made on a high quality level.

What do you think is the most interesting in your design process?

The most interesting thing is to gain knowledge, be involved in the design and production process and ultimately to work towards a finished product. I like to be involved in this process. Sometimes there is a disappointment with a sample, but you will try new things again. I am a perfectionist and will bring it to a good end.

How did you find Print Unlimited?

I heard your name from acquaintances in fashion. They said that Print Unlimited makes beautiful prints. I made an appointment right away, to see what the different possibilities were. During this appointment I reviewed the various materials. Here I was told with which Print Unlimited had bad experiences for the scarves and what could work well. In the end, I chose three different types of silk for the scarves.

During the production process, I have had regular contact with Print Unlimited. We have tried some other fabrics a few times because not only the front and back should be perfect but also the contrast and the colors.

Print Unlimited has taken good care of me and helped me with the final choice. It took a lot of time and a lot of samples before they were finished. Because of this, we have now the perfect scarves that I was looking for.

Why did you choose Print Unlimited?

I have been working with Print Unlimited because it's a Dutch company that produces high quality prints. The lines are short and I can come over to discuss. This results in a good result of the prints. Print Unlimited also works with the environmentally friendly GOTS certification, which I think is important. Ultimately, the cost price is higher, but the end result is high quality and together we can now make a real Dutch product. I hope to continue this cooperation in the future.

"I hope they inspire other women"


What do you want to achieve in the future?

Multiple new collections of luxury scarves and possibly some related products such as scarf-vests designs and produce these in collaboration with renowned designers. The scarves will be shown by famous and unknown women that I interview. These are, like my mother, strong women and they all have a different background. Their stories will also be published on the AK XXVIII website during the collections.

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