OUTLET - Print Unlimited


In our OUTLET, you can now find the fabrics that will go out of our collection. While stock lasts. So don't wait too long! Team Print Unlimited

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Gorgeous greens in the spring - Print Unlimited

Gorgeous greens in the spring

Edina's designs are inspired by the gorgeous greens in the spring, as Ireland has....

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Waving fabric - Print Unlimited

Waving fabric

If you often work with fabrics and digital printing, it's possible that you've encountered it before: the "waving" or "smiling" fabric. You'll find kind of a wave or arc in your printed design, which is visible in horizontal lines the most. Fine, del...

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Digital printing and traditional painting - Print Unlimited

Digital printing and traditional painting

What was your inspiation for the designs? I was painting two portraits. They where two people who lived in 1384 and their names were beaten on a coin stuck. After long searching and using a professor, I have come to two pictures, originals from th...

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Through the eyes of Ouli - Print Unlimited

Through the eyes of Ouli

Not so long ago, the parents found that they where sure they would stay together and that it became time for a 'little'. And not much later, a sweet, small and odd bird was borm frm a heart-shaped egg. Introducing...Oulli....

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'The Source' inspired by Mondriaan - Print Unlimited

'The Source' inspired by Mondriaan

What was your inspiration? The Style, the world-famous Dutch art movement, was founded 100 years ago. For The Hague Art Circle, we wanted to organize an exhibition with The Style as the centerpiece. Especialy for the exhibition, I made the work &#...

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Making natural beauty visible - Print Unlimited

Making natural beauty visible

Annet's inspiration for this design was to make the beauty of nature, which we can not notice in the speed of daily life, visible....

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Welcome to our new website! - Print Unlimited

Welcome to our new website!

With many new possibilities! Take a look at the new designs from which you can choose. You can also order them on a pillow or scarf. Hopefully you will enjoy the new webshop so much as we have. With regards, Team Print Unlimited

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Sportswear of recycled PET bottles - Print Unlimited

Sportswear of recycled PET bottles

What was your inspiration for the prints? Shura Glasmacher designs contemporary dance-, sports-, and yoga wear and is also a professional dancer herself. Consciousness is key for Shura, and therefore all items are qualified as slow fashion. Slow f...

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Transformation - Print Unlimited


The inspiration for this print is the procedure of bringing the color pigments of flowers onto textiles. The process of it is so beautiful and every step is so magical....

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'Unbeschreiblich Weiblich' inspired by the New Romantics from the 80's - Print Unlimited

'Unbeschreiblich Weiblich' inspired by the New Romantics from the 80's

In June 2016 I graduated at the SASK in Sint Niklaas, Belgium, as fashion designer. My graduation collection 'Unbeschreiblich Weiblich' is inspired by the New Romantics of the 80's. It gives you the feeling that you have when you're ...

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Shifting Beauty - Print Unlimited

Shifting Beauty

Starting from my fascination with decay and rotting processes, I began looking where this fascination comes from. ...

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ATELIER Arty Apparel - Print Unlimited

ATELIER Arty Apparel

Express your inner artist...

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Label4 by Tessa van Meerendonk - Print Unlimited

Label4 by Tessa van Meerendonk

Each product in 4 unique prints...

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Dancing for the king - Print Unlimited

Dancing for the king

The dancers of the Aleph are proud to be able to dance for their king on behalf of their city! They are with 20 girls, between 15 and 25 years old. All trained in modern and classical technique and physically strong. That's importent, because in ...

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AnoukxVeraxHutspot - Print Unlimited


AnoukxVera developed a concept inspired by the atmosphere of Hutspot. ...

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Schiermonnikoog - Print Unlimited


The designs of the garments are an abstraction of the landscapes of Schiermonnikoog. They incorporated the photographs of the islander landscapes into the garments as prints. Photographing the garments in the exact same landscapes, created ‘BLENDSC...

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DIY juni: Schort - Print Unlimited

DIY juni: Schort

Elke maand heeft Passion Prints een leuk Do-It-Yourself project dat jij zelf ook kunt maken! De DIY van de maand juni is een vrolijke schort. De print is speciaal ontwikkelt door Passion Prints en wordt geprint op XXX....

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We're going to join our forces! - Print Unlimited

We're going to join our forces!


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AK XXVIII by Louise de Gier - Print Unlimited

AK XXVIII by Louise de Gier

Inspired by icons, mothers & distinctive women...

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Zeefdruk en quilts - Print Unlimited

Zeefdruk en quilts

"Shawl gemaakt met de stof die ik heb laten printen."...

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Kampioenen met Passion Prints - Print Unlimited

Kampioenen met Passion Prints

Wauw! Birgitte van Schijndel maakte voor de Nederlandse Kampioenschappen kunstrolschaatsen jasjes met het thema televisie....

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Bibi, Boaz en Beau - Print Unlimited

Bibi, Boaz en Beau

"Voor de 2e keer een bestelling geplaatst bij Passion Prints. Mijn eigen ontwerp op stof laten drukken. Bibi, Boaz en Beau uit de Lets C collectie." - Aldus Chantal de Wit...

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Klantresultaat - Hippos - Print Unlimited

Klantresultaat - Hippos

"Ik ben heel erg blij met de stof met mijn ontwerp van Hippo!" Aldus Cassandra van CAS Creatives...

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Print Unlimited has launched a Webshop! - Print Unlimited

Print Unlimited has launched a Webshop!

We present to you our new webshop, open 24/7! The online shop offers our customers worldwide a wide range of high-quality fabrics at the touch of a fingertip....

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