Inspired by icons, mothers & distinctive women
With the national holidays in the near future, we'd like to let everyone know that we will not be in the office on the 27th april, and the 25th, 26th of May and 5th of June.
Forbo is known for its linoleum floors but to a lesser extent of Flotex, a combination of carpet (soft feel) and a hard floor (easy to clean, durable and very hygienic). To change this,...
Mieke van Loon had a dream that was realized.
If you often work with fabrics and digital printing, it's possible that you've encountered it before: the "waving" or "smiling" fabric. You'll find kind of a wave or arc...
We present to you our new webshop, open 24/7! The online shop offers our customers worldwide a wide range of high-quality fabrics at the touch of a fingertip.
From the end of march until the end of May this beautiful collection will be exposed at la Galerie Denise René in Paris, France.
The last few months, Print Unlimited has experimented, tested and researched new fabrics. After this extensive search, we have now selected over thirty(!) new fabrics.